Worship Ministries

Worship Ministries


The acolytes take part in the service as Crucifer, Torch Bearers and the Server at the altar.This ministry is open to youth who are in the sixth grade and older. Adult acolytes also serve as acolytes.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is an amazingly dedicated group of people who assist in worship services by setting up for Eucharist, baptisms, weddings, funerals and memorial services. All of the members help with services, making sure everything is in place and ready for the worship event that is to be observed. Duties include caring for the altar hangings, linens, candles, and communion supplies. 

Bread Baking Ministry

The people of St. John’s are fortunate to have fresh-baked communion bread each Sunday. 

Eucharistic Ministry 

The ministry of Eucharistic Visitors and Eucharistic Ministers is a pastoral and sacramental expression of the church that is the Body of Christ. Eucharistic Visitors and Ministers are trained by the deacon. Both visitors and ministers are confirmed communicants in good standing. The Eucharistic Visitor is licensed to take the sacrament to members of the congregation who are unable to be present at worship services.The Eucharistic Ministers administer the sacrament (the bread or wine) to persons during the Holy Eucharist.

Healing Ministry  

The Healing Ministers are available to pray with parishioners or guests during Communion at the Sunday services and the Thursday Healing Service.


Lay Readers read assigned passages from the Bible each Sunday and lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People. Children, teenagers and adults all participate in this ministry. 

Liturgy Committee

The primary responsibility of the liturgy committee is to advise the rector in planning and evaluating all worship services. Consequently, representatives from all the various ministries who participate in the worship are included in the membership of this committee. A comprehensive bulletin provides the text and some music for worship. Our worship follows the liturgy in The Book of Common Prayer, Enriching Our Worship and a Celtic Liturgy based on resources from Iona, Scotland. We also use prayers from a variety of resources within our Anglican tradition. Musically, we use The 1980 Hymnal and Wonder, Love and Praise, My Heart Sings Out, Voices Found, Gather and Celtic Hymns. Members of this committee have been appointed by the rector.

Oblation Presenters

Church members present oblations, the bread and wine, at the 10:15 am service. This is an opportunity for entire families to participate in the service.


Ushers are the men and women who serve St. John's on Sunday mornings and for special services, greeting worshipers as they arrive. Ushers distribute bulletins, seat people, collect offerings and if necessary can even provide first aid. 

Newcomers/Welcoming Ministry

Members of this committee serve as greeters, helping to make newcomers feel welcome. Greeters meet people as they enter St. John’s, giving directions and answering questions. Each member of the Welcoming committee serves as a mentor to the newcomer, helping them to become more a part of the St. John’s community. Members of the Welcoming Ministry are a part of quarterly gatherings of newcomers along with the rector. These meetings give new members of St. John’s a chance to learn more about our community. 

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