St. John's Garden

St. John's Garden

St John's Garden is a ministry established in the Spring of 2015. It currently consists of eight raised bed plots each 4ft x 8ft and 1ft deep all constructed with the volunteer efforts of many members of our church community.  One of the beds is taller (3ft) to be accessible and enabling to all volunteers.  The garden's primary goal is to provide fresh produce to the guests of the Open Hands Food Pantry.  In addition, it will provide opportunities for church members as well as the surrounding community to work and learn together on a variety of garden activities.

Regular volunteer times in the garden led by a knowledgeable member of the Steering Committee will continue through September 24th. Times are Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8pm and Saturday 9-10:30am. Use this link to schedule your times.

Many people have expressed interest in volunteering in the garden but their schedules don't fit the regular times. The Steering Committee would like to invite you to walk on as your time permits and full a few weeds or do some watering. Watering cans and water are available but you'll need your own tools since the garage will be locked. A log book is in the garden site so you can record what you've done to avoid redundancies. For more information on the garden, contact Dennis Spatafora at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 248-544-4504. All are welcome!

Thank you to Theren Williams for making this terrific video!


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