Life Events

Baptisms, weddings and commitments, funerals, confirmations.


Baptisms - Adults and children are baptized during regular worship at either service, especially on the following days: The Baptism of Jesus, the Easter Vigil, the Feast of Pentecost, the Sunday nearest the Feast of the Transfiguration, All Saints’ Day and during the Bishop’s visitation. Baptismal Instruction is provided by the rector. The relevant information for the baptism is recorded on the Baptismal Form. (The form is available online in PDF format for printing and completion).

Blessings - Animals are blessed on the Sunday afternoon closest to the Feast Day of St. Francis on October 4th (October 5th at 4pm in 2014). Newborn babies are blessed at the hospital by the rector. Adopted children are blessed in their homes. Roses are placed on the altar the following Sunday to celebrate this occasion. House blessings are arranged with the rector. Special milestones and life transitions may be honored during the worship service or privately on request.

Confirmation - Confirmations are held in various churches in the diocese during Eastertide. Confirmation instruction is provided by both clergy and lay people.

Death and Dying - Clergy will be present with dying parishioners and pray with them and their families, if present, the special prayers in The Book of Common Prayer designated for the time of death.

Weddings and Commitment Services - These worship services are provided by the rector for parishioners of St. John’s only. After the Marriage Planning Guide has been read, couples should call the Rector for an appointment. Premarital counseling is required. (The guide is available in PDF Format for reading and printing.)